Hello, friend. Shown here are my self-published social sci-fi novels, two of a longer intended Reefsong series. I’m proud of these books, which envision a Nea-pocalyptic future, an Age of Mind the novels anticipate arriving later in this century. With most of the world’s chronic problems resolved, this new Age is a time of abundance—which people nonetheless manage to screw up. Hence polite, smiling Kieron Keats, always in the background, avoiding the slightest risk to his daughter’s future.

Neither book is for sale at the time. I got sidetracked in my writing—producing two adult suspense novels now nearing completion—and don’t feel comfortable marketing the Reefsong series in partial form. Readers said, “When can I read the next book.” Until I know the answer to that question I’m reluctant to promote them. If you would like paper copies at $20 each, please complete the contact form on this site and I will email you. Much love and thanks for your patience,


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