The Reverend Friend Farmer is a fictional character featured in the Reefsong series. Presumably readers in the early 21st century won’t find his fictionality surprising, as the Farmer’s small books were published in 2031 (The Twelvefold Flower), 2033 (The Dimensions of Miracles) and 2036 (Garden of Light).

The Farmer was born in 1940, so learned to walk and talk during the Second World War. He experienced the hippy sixties and during that decade both met and married his wife, Bliss, and became a Protestant Minister. He died in 2036, shortly after publication of Garden of Light. Farmer and Bliss were sitting together on their favourite bench in their home garden when he passed, and perhaps the earthquake that shook the bench caused his passing, or perhaps the opposite was true.

The Farmer’s first book, The Twelvefold Flower, envisioned a universe of twelve dimensions (he recants the number later, but not the vision), in which the realm of space-time exists within a realm of mind, and both inhabit a greater realm of love. But just as we can describe a one-dimensional world but can’t live in it—it takes a minimum of four dimensions to make our physical world—similarly, we can’t live in one of the realms; we must live in all. Ultimately, in this vision, everything is love.

His second book, The Dimensions of Miracles, makes a further case for the dimensions of mind and love—Ouspensky, by the way, called these dimensions the World of Causes, an early title for the series. The second book makes a little less of an attempt to be practical than the first.

The third and final book, Garden of Light, finished and published in the months before his death, makes no attempt at all to be practical. Garden of Light is the Farmer’s spiritual rhapsody. He hasn’t shared all of that with me yet, but he will. But I will use it sparingly, because the Reefsong is meant to bridge comfort zones, not overleap them. Well, not too much.

The Farmer is a fictional character, but one with a surprisingly strong voice and a stronger vision. The vision of the Twelvefold Flower is his, not mine. Our thoughts began to coalesce with the Dimensions of Miracles and Garden of Light, but to some extent it felt he was convincing me, that I slowly am coming around to his way of seeing the world.

This blog will capture that voice and vision as it emerges. I hope to post the midnight scribblings with an explanation, a thinking-through, and see where it goes. And I hope that you, reader, will respond. Because humanity’s great first truth is this: we’re in this together.

I’ll begin by sharing the first Farmer aphorism in The Suncaster—and I expect for the first few blogs to work with quotations from that book in order to give a good grounding, before going off in directions I can’t yet conceive.

It seems fair for the Farmer to talk about age, as he was ninety-six at the time.

I want to talk about the shape of the universe. I want to talk about the order of reality. I want to talk about the extra dimensions we live in every day and refuse to acknowledge as we enter this new Age of Mind.

Bring your innocence, your fresh and youthful mind and come with me. What, you don’t think yourself young? Nonsense. Nine, nineteen or ninety-nine, this you is but an instant of sparkle in the life of the universe.

Bring your willing mind and come with me.

—Garden of Light, 2036

I offer this particular quotation because this is what the old guy seems to want to talk about. They are, somewhat astonishingly, the thoughts that come in the middle of the night.

When I set out to write the book I wanted to explore intention, why mindful intention affects reality as it so clearly does. But the Farmer wasn’t content with that. He wanted to understand so much more, and he wanted to explain it in practical terms.

After all, this isn’t about magic. It’s not about spiritual truths held by secret elites, or personal messages from the gods shared with a special few.

It’s our knowledge, yours and mine. This is our universe, and we’re in it together.