June 10, 2018:

As I work on a new novel, not part of the Reesong series, and at the same time muse about the 3rd Reefsong book when I get to it, I hope this Fall—no complaints, having all this going on in my head is pure happiness—I also seem to be having an outpouring of poetry.

The number of poems are building up, and they’re pushing me to do something with them, so I think what I am going to do is post a poem each Sunday on my author’s Facebook page and on this site. I’ll put an attributed Unsplash picture with them to, I hope, add to the effect. If you have thoughts or comments other than ‘just go away,’ (which is entirely in your control) please let me know. Don’t know if they’ll be readable but I can make that work after a couple of tries.

This first one went through several titles. It was “Shhh” for a little while. Finally I settled on “A Wink Will Do,” and all I want to say about it is that it is sincere.