Now the world is in a slow down

Brakes slammed hard upon the go-round

The whole “look what I got” show down

Ugly rich-get-richer hoedown,

We all knew it couldn’t go on,

The restless drive to make the heart pound 

To count the days as lost or won—

We’ve been heading for a come down

Flying blind into the sundown

Of a place unknown.

So let’s not eulogize the go-round

Let’s not hurry back to death town

Taking leaps before we look down.

Now the masters put their whips down

We’ve got time to turn our heads round

Take a breath and hear the world sound

Set our feet upon the soft ground;

We’ve parked the car, let’s take to foot now

Let the planet take a breath now;

And rearrange our lives how

To live with less, and therefore more.