I Need to Speak

I need to speak
I was born at this time for a reason
I need to seek-speak true-truth
From the gospel of brotherhood
From the inspiration of internal silence

To whisper through the resonant corridors of social media
To say false and know it, and learn,
To be me in his new dimension
Of being/non-being where we are thought
As we always were, unknown.

I need to speak firmly
To a world overrun by moneykins
The scurrying moneybunnies
Having at last assembled sufficient mass
To bend the light, change the orbit round the sun.

Where is my Bastille?
Everywhere, everywhere.
I come running with my ladder
In all directions. Join me,
We will climb together

Bring down the walls that are no walls
Tear out the bedrooms where no one sleeps
Depose the kings without a crown
Bring our ladders, bring our voice
Bring it down and build anew.