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Mark Belfry is the author of The Suncaster, Book One in the Reefsong Series.

Story for Grandchildren in Quarantine: The Land That Can’t Stand Still (1)

This story is written for children and grandchildren in quarantine, and it takes precedence on this site because, hey, isolation from COVID-19 takes precedence over everything today (begun April 5, 2020). Hope you enjoy it: The Land That Can't Stand Still 1. There it was again, the sound-cracking at the edge of sleep, the voices [...]

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Poem, June 10, 2018: A Wink Will Do

  June 10, 2018: As I work on a new novel, not part of the Reesong series, and at the same time muse about the 3rd Reefsong book when I get to it, I hope this Fall—no complaints, having all this going on in my head is pure happiness—I also seem to be having an [...]

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You Help Me and I’ll Help You

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From the Purpose Series

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The Mark of Advancing Humanity

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Funning the Future: Self-Constructing Materials

Of course, no one knows what the future will bring, and any estimation of the future world will be wrong—have you noticed that the theme music for The Simpsons is the music that was used for The Jetsons? We expected to be George Jetson by the turn of the millennium but, oops no, we were Homer Simpson. [...]

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Meditation, March 15 2016

Not sure I will ever use this - it's not in the Farmer's voice, although I might be able to make it fit. But I committed to sharing, and, to tell the truth, I haven't been living up to it. I'm a little shy about this—planting these Farmer wisdom thoughts in the eternal garden of [...]

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Farmer Meditation March 6, 2016

Sharing for today. Again, these are the Farmer's rough ideas, pretty much unedited and, more than that, not very thoroughly considered. His voice speaks and I capture it. In time and after consideration some of it will be used in other books of The Reefsong, while other pieces won't. But they will go here unedited, [...]

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Farmer Meditation, Unedited, March 4, 2016

Drop the racket. Think the ball. So this is how I meant to use this page, to share these 4 AM thoughts as they come in raw form, before culling and cutting and polishing and upthinking them into book format. I was sitting, aware of the forward movement of consciousness. Rough, but fun [...]

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The Farmer’s Blog, February 20, 2016

This is the second blog in the Farmer blog series. In the first we reminded that the Farmer is a fictional character, if one who seems to speak with a resonant voice. I know there is a process that leads to the discovery of the things his character wants to say, I just can't tell [...]

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