Poetry, Etc.

This writing gig is fascinating. I used this page to try share the wisdom of the Reverend Friend Farmer, a fictional character in the Reefsong series. The Farmer’s philosophies are the conceptual foundation for the 2104 society the books envision, and they emerge as a kind of dry, logical poetry. In writing him I wasn’t laying out my own philosophies but rather writing what I got, where the thought of him took me. That was fun. The Garden of Light, by the way, is the title of his imagined third book.

For some time I turned the core of his thoughts into word images, but I bogged down. The thoughts are a little complicated for the medium. I may publish more if they come to me in the right way, but I couldn’t get at the complex core of this thinking in so few words.

Currently, as I work on another writing project, the Farmer is languishing in the background. I hope when I get back to the Reefsong series that he will come back. I really hope so. But in the meantime other poetry is emerging under the title of The Skyborn Tide. When you write—as I assume is rue with any form of art—and things emerge from the mind that were neither planned nor expected and yet seem lovely, well, you feel blessed. There also seems a responsibility to share.