The Somewhere Sun is the second book in The Reefsong, a story of emergent ‘man.

In 2104, technological innovation has solved most of the world’s great, chronic problems, from the environment to health and longevity. A delighted humanity believes these advancements mark the crossing of the threshold to a new Age. They believe they inhabit the new Age of Mind.

The voice of the new Age is the Reverend Friend Farmer. Although he lived in our time and died seventy years before the story takes place, The Farmer’s ideas and words define the understandings of the Age of Mind.

In The Suncaster, Book One of the Reefsong, Teria Keats passes through an experimental device developed to transport sunlight: a suncaster. Now the twenty-one year old is adrift in time, skipping through past and future while developing the extraordinary capacities of mind she needs to bring her home.

Her father, Kieron Keats, leaves her bedside to undertake a compelling mission, where, he too begins to find himself, uncovering love and self-reliance under his submissive New Age programming.

Neither is aware of the cracks beginning to form in their utopian New Age. Nor are they aware that evil followed Teria through the suncaster—or that, under The Somewhere Sun, evil is getting a new face.

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