The Suncaster is the first book in The Reefsong, a story of emergent ‘man.

In 2104, technological innovation has solved most of the world’s great, chronic problems, from the environment to health and longevity. A delighted humanity believes these advancements mark the crossing of the threshold to a new Age. They believe they inhabit the new Age of Mind.

The voice of the new Age is the Reverend Friend Farmer. Although he lived in our time and died seventy years before the story takes place, The Farmer’s ideas and words define the understandings of the Age of Mind.

In one of his three books the Farmer also made a very small, unfortunate comment about shared creation and inclusion, which, over the years and people being people, took unexpected form.

And so flight steward Kieron Keats lives a careful life, smiling, serving, keeping his ex-athlete’s body in the kind of shape it pleases passengers to see. A big man, Keats lives a small life to avoid criticism of any kind. His only goal is to protect and support his daughter, Teria, in her final weeks before university graduation.

But something happens on a routine flight on the morning Leap holiday, February 29th, 2104, which forces Keats to choose.

Is the ship about to burn or is it a false alarm? Should he speak up or just let it happen? Either way he’s sure he’ll be destroyed, physically or socially, because that’s how it works when you’re father was an Incon and you live in the new Age of Mind.

Kieron and Teria Keats look at the bright new world of the new century through ordinary eyes. But, when a dying trillionaire sets out to make a miracle using a twisted formula, each is forced to act to save what they love – and discover that they aren’t so ordinary after all.

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